GraphemeGraphemeTo make learning easier and accessible for everyone

Learn easily

E-Learing platform where you have the opportunity to have a personalised and interactive tutor as a Chatbot.

Smart e-Learning

You have the possibility to choose which kind of lessons fit to you (difficulty, author...) and chat with a 'virtual' teacher and get instant answers.

Earn Money

If you are a private teacher or student, you have the possibility to earn money with our platform by spreading your knowledge and writing content on Grapheme.

Chatbot as the Teacher

Grapheme is a Chatbot for educational purposes. It's able to teach school lessons and receive specific questions on that. You can do test simulations before an exam. We call it Smart e-Learning.

Smart e-Learning

You have the possibility to learn the same topic made by different tutors or also made by qualified students, if you prefer. In this way you'll have more points of view regarding the same topic.

Learn or study whenever you want

Grapheme is always available to teach you whatever you want regarding your school lessons. You don't have anymore fixed time tables. Just write to Grapheme at any moment

Possibility to earn money

If you are a private tutor, teacher or even a student who wants to spread his/her knowledge, you can do it with our platform by posting a lesson. For every single purchase of that, you are going to earn money.

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How We Build This e-Learning project

Little story of the project development

We started from school desks to think about a solution to make easier learning without spending money on private tutors. We wanted to reduce this cost but not the experience of having a personalised and interactive teacher:so we came up with the idea of Grapheme.
All the team members were high school students so we tried to solve a problem that our mates are facing everyday. We wanted to make a new e-Learning platform, different from others by integrating complete interaction.

Grapheme is available on these platforms

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(Beta version)


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(Beta version)

iOS (Beta Version)

Android (coming soon)

Web (Beta Version)

We Made A Great App

Optimization. Performance. AI.

We created a new kind of E-Learning system where you don't have anymore the fear to ask questions, and receive an instant answer. The service is an intelligent machine which can learn by itself every time when it can't provide an answer to the user. It can answer to the specific questions and train students to do exercises or test simulations.

Our Dream Team

People behind this app

Karandip Singh


Filippo Ampollini


Pierpaolo Ricci

Marketing Director

Diego Calanzone


Online platform

Grapheme is going to be soon available directly via your browser

Full Featured Web App

You can use our web platform to send us lessons and sell them. Students can also interact with the Chatbot using the computer.

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